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GoPro Light Mod & Magnetic Swivel Clip Kit

GoPro Light Mod & Magnetic Swivel Clip Kit

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GoPro Light Mod & Magnetic Swivel Clip Kit GoPro Light Mod OverviewThis B&H Kit features the GoPro Light Mod that's designed to attach to the optional Media Mod external frame for the HERO8 Black, and a Magnetic Swivel Clip which lets you clip the entire setup to yourshirt, belt, backpack strap, and various other objects and surfaces. The Light Mod provides 5000K daylight color temperature illumination with wide, smooth, and even light. GoPro Light Mod for HERO8 Black, HERO9 Black, HERO10 Black and HERO11 BlackLike the HERO8/HERO9/HERO10/HERO11 Black, the GoPro Light Mod is ultracompact and waterproof down to 33'. It's designed to attach to the separately sold GoPro Media Mod, which is an external frame with shoe mounts and other features. Separate Media Mods are available for the HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, and HERO11. The Light Mod attaches on the top or side of the Media Mod, securing into one of the shoe mounts. Alternatively, it can be attached on various optional off-camera shoe mounts. The light features a 5000K daylight color temperature and 90+ CRI. It allows you to illuminate your subject with wide, smooth, and even light. A diffuser is also included for softening the light output. Key Features5000K color temperature (without diffuser)90+ CRI4 levels of brightnessMaximum brightness of 200 lumens for up to 30 secondsWaterproof to 33'Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of runtime (depending on brightness; see below)Strobe mode for signaling and visibility4 Levels of BrightnessLevel 1: 20 lumensLevel 2: 60 lumensLevel 3: 125 lumens, 120 lux at 3.3'Overdrive Mode: 200 lumens for up to 30 seconds, 200 lux at 3.3'Runtime6 hours at Level 12 hours at Level 21 hour at Level 3 GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip for Select HERO and MAX CamerasUse this Magnetic Swivel Clip from GoPro to clip your GoPro HERO or MAX camera to your clothing, strap, table, or just about any surface. The clip features a heavy-duty spring-loaded clamp to securely connect to a surface, and the exterior of the clip features a magnetic surface to connect your camera. The camera connects to the magnetic mounting buckle and secures with a thumbscrew, and it allows you to swivel the camera 360°. Read below for a list of compatible GoPro cameras. CompatibilityHERO10 BlackHERO9 BlackHERO8 BlackMAXHERO7 BlackHERO7 SilverHERO7 WhiteHERO (2018)HERO6 BlackHERO5 Black

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