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Kodak KB10 35mm Film Camera

Kodak KB10 35mm Film Camera

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Product Description

The Kodak KB 10 is a compact camera. The 35mm camera was built by Kodak and sold to amateurs and beginners as part of the KB family. The 35mm camera comes with a fixed focal length lens. The focal length is unchangeable and is 30mm. The largest available aperture is f/8. There is no possibility to change the focus. The closest focusing distance of this lens is 1.2 m. The third essential value in photography cannot be changed either. The camera takes each picture with a shutter speed of 1/100 second. The camera reads the sensitivity of the film via the DX code on the cartridge. Films with ISO 100, ISO 200 and ISO 400 are supported, and depending on the value, the power of the flash is set. At ISO 100, the built-in flash has a range of up to three meters. The flash cannot be switched off. The readiness of the flash is indicated via a light on the back. The camera requires two AA batteries (eBay / Amazon). In the best case, you use rechargeable battery, so as not to create unnecessary waste. However, very often you do not have to change the batteries. Features: Fixed Focus Lens Manual Film Advancing and Rewinding Built in Automatic Flash

Technical Specifications of the Camera

Attribute Specification

Type of Camera : Snapshot camera

Film format : 35mm

Film transport : Manual

Picture format : 24 mm x 36 mm

Focal length : 30 mm

Widest aperture f/8

Minimum focus distance : 120 cm / 3.936 ft

Focus : Fixed

Exposure times : 1/100 s

Light meter : Yes

Supported film speeds : ISO 100 to 400

Auto DX : Yes

Exposure modes : Program automatic

Manual exposure settings : No

Flash : Built-in flash

Flash range : 1,2 Meter - 3 Meter

Flash sync speed : 1/100 s

Tripod mount : No

Cable release thread : No

Self-timer : No

Power supply : 2x AA batteries

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